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27 Dec

The days between the excess and exhaustion of the holidays and the dawn of the New Year are strange ones. Most people are pretty much done with the merriment, but it takes that week to really get your head wrapped around the idea of the New Year.

Cormac suggests simply conking out in a sunny spot. Heck…put your feet up while you’re at it.

Sunlit Snooze

Don’t lie. You’re feeling jealous right now.

As the book resting under Cormac’s head proclaims, “Oh, the places you’ll go!” in 2012. Once you are able to rouse yourself. And also if your feet aren’t dead asleep from being raised above your heart for two hours.



Stuffed Snooze

20 Jan

As we adults tackle our New Year’s dieting resolutions, Cormac simply collapses in defeat over the overindulgences of the holidays.*


Exhausted by the excess...


I know.  I know.  You’re HUNGRY right now.  That Lean Cuisine felt like an appetizer.  The carrots are boring without dip.  Well…think about the red button your jeans are leaving on your stomach (am I revealing too much about myself?) and when that fails to motivate you, remember feeling like this.


Say goodbye to the gluttony.

Just looking out for you, folks.  Now wake up and get to the gym.

*There is a small chance this exhaustion was caused by too much harmonica practice.  I subscribe to the Tiger Mom method.


Toy Coma II

28 Sep

overwhelmed by excess...

American consumerism at its worst.  Complete Toy Coma.  Breathed too many of the deadly fumes of capitalism.  Note, at very least, the environmentally-friendly diaper.  www.gdiapers.com

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